ABOUT Gerard's

Welcome to a "visual taste" of Gerard's Restaurant. Living here, in paradise, makes my lifetime pursuit and passion for cooking complete. The bounty and flavors of these Islands, blended with the fine art of French cooking, make for a perfect marriage. I personally invite you to dine with us, when you are on Maui. For now, I hope that you enjoy our Web Site. Bon Appetit and Aloha!

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How It All Began

For the last 25 years, Gerard has been recognized as one of the leading chefs in the state of Hawaii and has received numerous awards and acclaim. Just last year he was featured on two major television shows: "Country Cooking" on P.B.S. and "Great Chefs of America" on the Discovery Channel. He remains true to his classic culinary roots while incorporating the very best that our islands have to offer and graciously accommodating visitors and residents with the very best dining on Maui.

Born in the Gascony region of France, where great food has flourished for centuries, Gerard Reversade comes from a long line of inn keepers, wine barrel makers and great chefs. He was cooking by the age of ten and by the time he was twelve he was baking croissants from scratch. At the age of fourteen, he began a four-year apprenticeship, working 15 hour days, under four of France's Master Chefs, to include Robert and Pierre Laporte from the famous Cafe de Paris in Biarritz where Frank Sinatra dined annually. Chef Gerard came to Hawaii in 1973, working for 10 years in various restaurants around the state. Finally in 1982 he opened his own restaurant.

From the very start, Gerard's philosophy was to support the local economy. He only used fresh vegetables grown by local farmers on the slopes of Haleakala, fresh fish caught by the Lahaina fishermen, and made his own sorbet and jam with Maui grown mangos and berries. At a time when most restaurants were using produces and meats flown in from the U.S. Mainland, Gerard was an innovator and a leader. In that sense he could be considered a pioneer of "Hawaiian Regional Cuisine" movement, that is so prevalent nowadays, in the state.

Special Occasions

Gerard's is truly the perfect setting and an elegant atmosphere for special occasions. Gerard's can host private parties, wedding receptions and dine-arounds ranging from an intimate party of 12, in our private dining room to large groups, up to 150 persons. Prices for complete dinners are $55.00++ (per person), $70.00++ (per person) and $80.00++ (per person) depending on the menu that you select. Please email at gerard@maui.net or call toll-free at 1-877-661-8939 our group coordinator, Genevieve Simpson, for more information.


Some of the clients we have accommodated include: Xerox , I.B.M., Merrill Lynch, Beckman Instrument, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, 3M, Bayer, Wells Fargo, Toshiba, Chase Manhattan Bank, State Farm Insurance, Goodyear, Nortel, Sharp Electronics, The Ford Motor Company, Honda, Nissan